What does your favorite pie say about you?

Nov 27

I do love pie.  And that’s one of the reasons I anticipate Thanksgiving Dinner.

As a boy, I was fed regular doses of berry pies — blackberry, blueberry and raspberry. And oh, my cheeks were stuffed with pumpkin and rhubarb. And the real treats were the cream pies, with a bent for banana and coconut. Mince meat? Forget it.

So naturally, I was glued to Parade magazine’s tribute to pie .

In the article, they revealed the fact that one in five Americans have eaten an entire pie by themselves. Shocked at this? Well, I’ve eaten a pie by myself – at one sitting.

“Pie makes people happy,” the article says. It’s true. Just say the word and I smile.

Pie symbolizes everything we value: ingenuity, resilience, and a mother’s love.”

Pie takes me back. It takes me back to Grandma, with her perfect lattice top with crunchy bits of sugar sprinkled on the golden dough, hiding gooey apples.

It takes me back to dark winter nights and cold milk with crumbs on the chair after I left the table.

With smeared index cards, we try to relive those days. The ingredients are familiar to any cook, but the portions are customized with an alchemist precision. They are often protected, rarely duplicated. Success is marked by flour on the counter, flour on the kids and flour on the dog.

Parade also asked the question, “What does your favorite pie say about you?” The choices are apple, pecan, chocolate and pumpkin.

Who knows what psychologist they employed to analyze pie eaters, but here’s the summary.

  • If you’re favorite is apple, you are independent, realistic and compassionate
  • If it’s pecan, you’re thoughtful and analytical
  • If chocolate is yours, then you are loving
  • And pumpkin? You’re funny and independent
Making Pie

Photo courtesy sjaustin via Flikr

What’s your favorite? And what does it say about you?


  1. I wish I could find one on ice cream. That is my “sin” of choice. I can go the rest of my life without cake or pie. If i do eat pie, chocolate or blueberry would be my choice. Wonder what that means? I’m a lover and what?

    • I am stuck on coffee ice cream these days. But I put it in a cup instead of a bowl. I eat less and it’s not so sticky to my jelly roll

  2. hisfirefly /

    nothing and everything, faith indeed! I love the sticky sweetness of pecan pie and up here we have something called butter tarts

  3. Pumpkin here too (on a crust of almonds, coconut oil, & dates)… also with a SimplyDarlene twist: a big ole scoop of my super famous CranApple sauce, dripping down the side and smeared about the plate.

    We eat pie for breakfast around here.

    And we lick our plates clean. Clean, I say!


  4. Of the choices you gave us, I would say apple which kind of fits me. God is still working on the compassionate part. I am leaving the baking to my daughter this Thanksgiving so it’s punkin, and blueberry. My husband and most men I know would rather have a pie instead of a cake anytime. Happy Thanksgiving brother…enjoy.

  5. What if you like all the pies? I’m afraid to answer that question myself!

  6. Yep, I’m intricate too!

  7. I love apple pie. The pastry, the sugar, that little tarty pang of fruit. Perfect. But then again, I’ve never had the chance to try a chocolate pie. And I’m a big chocolate fan… I can only imagine the possibilities.

  8. I’ve never met a pie I didn’t like. The one they didn’t mention is cherry which I love as well, but couldn’t pick any of them above the next. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten a whole pie by myself, but then again, when I would have been prone to was as a kid and with siblings that ate like horses that feat wouldn’t have ever been a possibility.

    As much as I love pie, I probably haven’t had more than an entire pie by myself in the last thirty years. Twenty plus years without even a taste. I’m afraid that if I start I would eat the whole thing.

    My wife bought a pumpkin pie for our youngest who demanded some form of tradition in our non-traditional Italian that my wife makes… I might have a bite this year…

  9. Apple, chocolate, and pumpkin depending on the season and mood. Wonder what that says about me? :) Happy Thanksgiving, David.

  10. Yes, pie over cake any day and on any occasion!

    Pie does make me happy! The fresh, distinct flavors have a heyday in my mouth.

    Of the four choices pumpkin, for sure, as my favorite. However, pineapple and bluberry top my list.

    Can’t wait for dessert!

  11. Dear David
    I cannot help to think how my two sons, who are both students at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, look forward every 2,5 weeks when my husband and I travel to Port Elizabeth for his work. I cook a lot of frozen meals to take with. I sometimes wonder whom they are the most thankful to see, me or my chicken pies!! I think the pies win in this case.
    Blessings XX

  12. I like pies WITH something. Warm apple pie WITH vanilla ice cream. Pumpkin pie WITH a huge load of whipped cream. I think I love chocolate pie (and banana and coconut cream) because of the cream part. So, I guess that the psychologist would suggest that I’m… aloof?

  13. Pumpkin, baby! To me, it’s mainly just because it’s a Thanksgiving staple. You HAVE to eat turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. It’s a law in the South.

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