How can I find peace this Christmas?

Dec 23

The blinking cursor greets me.  “How can I find peace?”  I type slowly, feeling a little silly.

Here I am “Googling,” a nonsensical word that would have inspired laughs and guffaws 10 years ago. Today, it’s a part of our eeryday lexicon, a verb and a noun all in one.

I ask the ghost in the machine the question.  It takes Google all of .39 seconds to find more than 860 million results.  That won’t do me much good.

“Narrow your search to get more accurate results” the help   button suggests.

“How can I find peace this Christmas?” I ask. After all, the carolers are reminding us, “peace on earth, good will toward man.”

That more specific search  took .38 seconds to find 96 million results. That’s not much better. Can peace be found with a simple Internet search? It isn’t like trying to find a way to remove rust deposits in the bathroom, or how to bake high-altitude brownies.

how can i find peacePeace  is something that has eluded the Ancients and haunted the moderns. Mystics have thought about, poets have pined for it and scholars have studied it.

Some have sought it in a bottle or a pill. Some have tried to hunt it down with a relationship – or two or three. Some have turned to the religion of man, or a man of religion.

Searching for peace has pushed men to the mountaintop, to the jungle, and to the ocean. It’s a quest that has gone on since the dawn of time. How can something so simple be so elusive?

And here I am, typing, asking an algorithm for the answer.

 It’s silly, really. There is really no short cut for contemplation. Information will not substitute for the long-suffering search that is often done is silence. And loneliness. And fear.

There’s a million reasons why peace shouldn’t be found. There’s my past, and that voice that reminds me of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. There’s the world, that never gives up with the distressing song-and-dance.

“I waited patiently for the Lord,” said King David. “How Long? , he wondered.

And so did I.

 But deep in the soul, there’s a Voice. It’s beyond decibels, ringing out in unquenchable silence that rattles the heart. “He turned to me, and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit, out of the mud and mire.”

And it wasn’t just a salvation, it was a restoration.

 ”He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth,    a hymn of praise to our God.

There was a day when typing this question wouldn’t have been so unnatural. But I’ve found peace in those who love me, in a body of like-minded pilgrims, and in the gaze of a God who really does care.

Yes. Peace on Earth. Good will to man.


 I don’t know how you got here. It wasn’t  by accident. I’ve been where you are, looking for peace in all the wrong places.. Maybe you looked to Google and stumbled here. Maybe you  need a friend to help you find it. Drop me a note and we can talk . 



  1. what a beautiful invitation you offer David

    you are waking with His heart inside of you, extending His love to the world

    Christmas blessings of joy, and love and yes, peace

  2. Thank you for this as we celebrate the Prince of Peace. Christmas blessings to you.
    S. Etole recently posted…God Blessed Us ~My Profile

  3. So well put and so timely for me this Christmas. I do know how to find it, but it has proved somewhat elusive this Christmas.

  4. heather /

    Great story Lori! I love you

  5. The only peace we get comes from within, never from without. The stuff on the outside is always fading and never satisfies for the long haul. Our Father within us is that peace. Great thought provoking post.
    Floyd recently posted…CHRISTMAS CHORESMy Profile

  6. Salvation.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Simply Darlene recently posted…When Christ OutgrewMy Profile

  7. Yes, yes, yes David to your post. It’s an over whelming number the article written on how to find peace. To me that speaks of millions who are still seeking. A lot of them live in places where you cannot google anything. They need someone to come tell them how to find peace. If we have it we need to somehow be involved in helping others find it.
    Betty Draper recently posted…JesusMy Profile

  8. Dear David
    Yes, Google has become a noun and a verb and a few things in between, but it is still something created by the Prince of Peace. Oh, that we will always remember to draw near to Him, assured that He will draw near to us. Even before we call, He will answer. In fact, in Him we experience peace this world cannot understand.
    Blessings and a Jesus-filled New Year XX
    Mia recently posted…The Last DanceMy Profile

  9. When the world around us is full of chaos we can confidently know that God will bring us peace. Knowing that is reassuring. Great thoughts!

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